For this capstone project, a type of professional work was chosen, where design considers the solution to a real problem existing in contemporary society as its main purpose.

This project was related to people who constantly change their country of residence and addressed their needs when moving to a new place. It is a proposal that provides a solution, through design, to questions such as: What documentation is necessary to obtain residency in a new country? What are the visa requirements and what visa-types exist there? How does the health system work?, and other common moving-related questions. All these questions are needs that generate frustration in the target audience and cause anxiety through procedures that must be carried out in order to have a successful move. With this project, information is offered that will help reduce levels of anxiety and frustration in the target audience, thanks to prior knowledge of what to do before moving, found in our project.

The demand for a project like this was reached through personal experience, so it was also a personal motivation of mine to develop it. The lack of platforms like EXpatDATA was demonstrated in the research process, through the experiences of users in the same situation. The challenge we faced in this project was to develop an internationally-recognised solution that in turn offered a personalised user experience.

Through the different stages of research, the interests of the target audience on this platform were demonstrated, fulfilling the objectives pursued at the beginning of this project. We discovered what the needs of our users were and we addressed them on our platform, proposing bespoke solutions. We determined that the type of platform on which the target audience feels most comfortable is the responsive website, thus fully covering our audience’s preferences.

Finally, a sketch of the website was developed through wireframes to bring it to life. With the help of HTML and CSS programming languages a first version was created for the integration of immigrants coming into Spain from abroad.