EXpatDATA was my capstone project for my bachelor's degree in graphic design and digital creation.Also, this project was my first interaction with User Experience Design Field and is still my favorite project from all that I've made. For this project, I was looking for the best approach, focusing on users' needs, and identifying their pain points when integrating into a new country.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Role: UX-Researcher • UX/UI Designer
  • The Problem I identified for this project was that people often encounter innumerable difficulties when they want to integrate into a new country. I started the research to understand where the problem was and followed an iterative design thinking process to provide a solution.

If you want to know more about this project, please watch the video I created to present, justify, and defend this project that you can find below. Also, you can see the project methodology on the right (below on a smartphone), or get in touch with me so we can discuss it with a drink.


  • Research: Research question definition • Primary and secundary research based on desk research, a survey and 3 interviews
  • Afinity Diagram: to be able to gather the most of the information from the survey and interviews
  • Insights Generation: Make sure I understand the user's needs, representing that information to be able to empathize with the user.
  • Empathy map • User Persona • User Journey Map: • all different groups of users identified in the research have been represented in user personas, empathising with them by using empathy maps and generating user journey to exemplify a possible interaction.
  • Moderated Card Sorting applying Thinking out loud technique : Six people participated, sorting 30 cards in 7 standarized categories.
  • Content Tree: The users that participated in the card sorting highlighted the need for a new category in the content tree: Housing
  • Prototype: Wireframes • Lo-Fi Prototypes • Hi-Fi Prototypes directly working with HTML and CSS

Research Question

Image of the research question

Articles and Reports Research

Image of a graph showing that migration has increased 52%
Image showing that migrants that need psicological sopport are diagnosed with Ulysses Syndrom


How was created
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos
Survey Insights
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos


How were created
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos
Interview Insights
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos

Afinity Diagram

Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos

Card Sorting

Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos

Empathy Map • User Persona and User Journey Map

Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos


Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos
Lo-Fi Prototype
Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos

Coding • First Design of the final product

Image of Maaria Magdalena Balos

Please follow the next links to access the code of this project in my github:


Below you can find all the project documentation. Unfortunately, this project have been created in Spanish and has not been translated into English (sorry about that) Please, feel free to get in contact if you want to further discuss it.