A collection of programs created in Python (programming language)

Throughout my journey of learning the Python programming language, I have created several interesting projects that I am excited to share with you. My learning journey began with the Udemy course #100DaysOfCode, in which I was guided by Angela, the teacher, and provided with the basic knowledge to get started.

For the last 20 projects, I worked independently, which was a challenging but rewarding experience. The projects presented here are a sample that showcases the use of various techniques, libraries, and approaches while working with Python. You can access all the projects I created during this journey by visiting my Github account.

As always, any feedback, suggestions, or collaborations are welcome!

Morse Converter

The Morse Converter is a command-line program that users can choose from encoding or decoding a text. Give it a try: Morse Converter GitHub Code


  • Investigation of how Morse code works: the existing and missing characters and how much space is needed between characters and words.
  • Settling the knowledge of working with strings (text), dictionaries, loops and functions in Python.
  • I designed a test for the first time to check if the code in the main program is actually right.

Tic Tac Toe

In the classic childhood game, two players take turns filling a 3x3 matrix. The main objective is to complete a line or diagonal with your character to win the game. Give it a try: Tic Tac Toe GitHub Code


  • I decided to create one main class that contains all the necessary methods and attributes. This approach helped me better understand the benefits of working with classes and how they can simplify the code.
  • Working with arrays was the difficulty of this project. I used them to create the game matrix board and update it the board after each turn.

Typing Thunder

This is a speed-typing GUI app created using TKinter in Python. The user is required to type for one minute, after which the number of characters typed is counted and displayed to the user. Give it a try: Typing Thunder GitHub Code


  • I learned how to work with TKinter and classes properly.
  • Implementing a countdown in the app was the most challenging part of this project.
  • I learned how to integrate UX, UI, and backend in a proper way.

Weever Watermark

This weever watermark GUI app is personal to me. When I worked as a photographer, I would often have to add watermarks to my images. I used to do it in Photoshop, but it was a difficult task to ensure that the watermark was placed in the same location and proportionate to the image every time. Give it a try: Weever Watermark GitHub Code


  • Understand loading and transforming images with the PIL library.
  • Buildingg the foundations of workingwith UI elements in python code with the TKinter library.


This project displays information about coffee shops and their facilities on a website. I utilized an SQLite database and REST APIs to automatically provide all the data to the website and allow users to visualize it, add new coffee shops to the database, and delete any existing coffee shops. Several libraries were used in this project, including Flask API, SQLAlchemy, Jinja, Bootstrap-Flask, and Bootstrap template inheritance. Give it a try: MochaMaps GitHub Code


  • I learned how to access, update and delete data in a database from a website.
  • I had the opportunity to improve my abilities with Flask and website design even more.
  • I believe the most challenging part of this project was understanding how Bootstrap template inheritance works and using it properly.