InsightCraft - Exploration of gamification in user experience design

Duration: 2 weeks | Role: UX/UI Designer

Embark on InsightCraft, a project in user experience design where gamification blends seamlessly with user experience. This fusion merges creativity with functionality during the process of loading projects onto a portfolio website. This transformative and strategic approach redefines platform engagement, turning routine tasks into captivating experiences. It enriches digital interfaces with engaging game elements. By combining UX with gamification, InsightCraft elevates interactions into immersive journeys, crafting engaging narratives through each user action.

Enfasis in the gamification elements.

Design decisions and gamification elements


This approach involves informing users about the process through a progress bar, highlighting that publishing a post requires only three simple steps. Inspired by Hick's Law, which states that decision-making time increases with the number and complexity of choices, in InsightCraft a easy steps process motivates users to publish their projects.


In InsightCraft, users earn cumulative points and badges as rewards, enhancing engagement. These rewards hold potential for future applications, encouraging behaviors such as providing feedback to peers, viewing profile visitors, and participating in competitive leagues.


Personalization of user projects within "InsightCraft" incorporating corporate colors and typography encourages frequent posting by allowing each project to reflect personal style.


The design allows users to share project sections for feedback with mentors, colleagues, and friends. This feature, considered vital for personal growth and professional development, aims to make InsightCraft users not only happier, but also stronger.


Real-time feedback provided through an AI system, possibly involving live content checking/augmentation, allows users to build and iteratively improve their project portfolios quickly and without frustration.


Awarding InsightCraft points and badges as rewards, inspired by gamification in apps like "Duolingo" and "Mimo", adds enjoyment to the user experience. Incorporating these features into InsightCraft is expected to enhance user interactions and enjoyment.

Smartphone and desktop prototypes

Please take a moment to watch the videos provided in the section below, showcasing the interaction with the complete prototypes.

Smarthphone prototype design
Smarthphone prototype design
Smarthphone prototype design
Smarthphone prototype design
Desktop prototype design
Desktop prototype design
Desktop prototype design

Prototype interaction


Final thoughts

InsightCraft represents a step forward in integrating gamification with user experience design. This project has been a journey of discovery, blending creative solutions with functional design to enhance user engagement. Each element, from accomplishment to curiosity, was crafted with the aim of making digital interactions more intuitive and enjoyable while engaging the user. I hope you find InsightCraft both informative and inspiring.

Thank you for taking the time to review the InsightCraft project. I appreciate your interest. If you'd like to discuss it further, explore potential collaborations, or share your feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me. Your insights and feedback are greatly valued as they help refine and evolve these concepts. I'm always happy for a chit-chat .