°h Clack

Briefing: Rotten Tomatoes plans to launch a streaming platform for audiovisual content that competes with the Netflix platform. The platform design commission emphasizes the need to develop a usable and accessible design, since users are expected to access it from Smart TVs. Excellent usability and inclusive design are required.

Summary: I created °hClack, a streaming platform designed to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime. The client emphasized the importance of creating a usable and accessible design , given that users are expected to access the platform from Smart TVs. To achieve this, I conducted extensive research through benchmarking and user testing sessions. Through these techniques, I identified key usability and accessibility challenges that users might encounter when accessing the platform from Smart TVs. I then designed and implemented solutions to address these challenges, resulting in a platform that is both easy to use and accessible to all users.

In terms of usability, °hClack features a streamlined interface that prioritises the most important content and features, while also providing intuitive navigation and search functionality. I also focused on optimising the platform's performance, ensuring that it loads quickly and operates smoothly.

To make °hClack as inclusive as possible, I incorporated a range of accessibility features. For example, I made sure that all content and interface elements are clearly visible and easy to read, even at a distance . I also included audio descriptions and closed captions for all video content , making it accessible to users with hearing impairments.

Overall, °hClack is a truly inclusive and accessible streaming platform that I designed to meet the needs of all users.

Benchmarking: As part of my work on this project, I conducted a benchmarking analysis of Amazon and Netflix to gain insights into best practices for streaming platforms. The complete analysis can be viewed in the two visualizations below. By examining these market leaders, I incorporated areas for improvement into the design of °hClack.

Benchmarking between Amazon Prime and Netflix

Low-Fidelity Prototype: I also created a low-fidelity prototype, which allowed me to quickly iterate and refine the core features and functionality of the platform based on initial user feedback before investing time and resources in creating a more detailed prototype. This approach helped me validate the overall concept and user flow and was a crucial step in the design process.

Low-fidelity prototype for OhClack

User Testing Session: In this usability test, two participants were interviewed to analyze the usability of the smart TV platform. Participants were informed that there is no correct or incorrect way to perform tasks and that they could withdraw from the study at any time. The user testing session consisted of completing several tasks on a low-fidelity prototype of the platform.

Participants were asked to complete four tasks, such as logging in to the platform, finding a specific TV show, and starting to watch a movie. After completing the tasks, participants were asked to complete a short SUS questionnaire rating various aspects of the platform on a scale of 0 to 10 to better understand the usability of the platform. The feedback from this study was used to improve the design and functionality of the platform, ensuring a better user experience for future users.

High-Fidelity Prototype:

Home screen

OhClack home screen

Home screen with the menu expanded

OhClack home screen with the menu expanded

Movie selection

OhClack movie selection screen

Searching for a movie

OhClack searching movie screen

Movie details screen

OhClack movie details screen

Watching a movie

OhClack watching movie screen

Throughout this project, I employed a user-centered design approach with a focus on usability and accessibility. I iterated on the design based on user feedback and testing to ensure a better user experience. This approach allowed me to create a more intuitive and inclusive design.

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